Unexpected End of File Error in Photoshop – Reasons And Fixes

Photoshop end-of-file error or unexpected end of file encountered, this problem occurs while you are working on Photoshop. Read this article to learn everything about the end of the file error and how to fix this error without any hassle. If you have a corrupt Photoshop file, fix it using Yodot PSD Repair Software. 


Hi, if you are looking for an excellent photo editing tool, I suggest you use Adobe Photoshop. It is a perfect tool to design your photos to the next level with its most remarkable and advanced features, making your image look surreal. But What if you see a “could not open because an unexpected end of file was encountered”? This is because these issues occur if the file has the wrong extension, system issue, etc. But most commonly, the .psd file will be corrupted, so you will get the unexpected end-of-file Photoshop error. Do not be sad; this article will help you fix Photoshop’s unexpected end-of-file error.

Table of Contents:

Reasons for Photoshop Unexpected End of File Issue

Photoshop unexpected end of file fixes

  1. Changing the File Extension
  2. Try the Disk Cleanup tool on Windows
  3. Open the PSD file in Illustrator
  4. Fix Unexpected End of File Issue In Photoshop by Yodot PSD Repair Tool


Reasons for Photoshop Unexpected End of File Issue

Poor Disk Space to Save the .psd File

Due to insufficient disk space on the system to save your PSD file or folder, you will get a notification saying Photoshop has an unexpected end of file error. To fix this issue, refer to the solutions mentioned below.

Header and Footer Data are not Saved

Given below are the causes why header and footer data is not saved:

  • The header and footer section of the PSD file contains the Page number, date, chapter number, title, Author, revision number, etc. This data will help the Photoshop application determine the PSD file. 
  • The Header and footer may be damaged if the app terminates unexpectedly or crashes and it throws errors like an unexpected end of file Photoshop.

Damaged or Corrupted PSD File

While working with the PSD file, you have to be cautious; even a small mistake will lead to losing files, data, and time spent on the work. 

Improper handling of the Photoshop application like closing the file without saving, or shutting down the PC, etc., leads to the corruption of PSD files. 

Interruptions Causing Photoshop Unexpected End of File Error

Interruptions like keeping the computer in sleep mode without saving the file and accidentally shutting down the PC while saving the file leads to unexpected end of file Photoshop error.

Methods to fix Photoshop Unexpected End of File Error

Method 1: Changing the File Extension

Changing the file extension is an easy way to fix the Photoshop unexpected end-of-file error. Follow the steps below to change the file extension and access the PSD file.

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run Dialog Box.

Step 2: Type %LocalAppData%\Temp in the Run Dialog Box and press OK

Type the path in run dialog box to fix unexpected end of file error in photoshop

Step 3: Locate the temp PSD file with the help of created date and time.

Step 4: After finding the respective PSD file, Rename it by right-clicking on it and type the .psd extension to restore it.

Rename the psd file to fix unexpected end of file photoshop error

Method 2: Try the Disk Cleanup Tool on Windows

Use the Disk Cleanup tool to free up the disk space on your Windows system. In the search bar, type Disk Cleanup and press Enter. Next, select the drive you need to clean from the list, select the files you want to clean from the chosen drive, and hit Clean up System Files.

Ultimately, the tool will erase unwanted files and create space on the drive. Then, later relaunch the Photoshop application and ensure you are not facing a “Photoshop end of file error“.

Make use of disk clean up tool to fix unexpected end of file photoshop error

Method 3: Open the PSD File in Illustrator

To solve the unexpected end of file Photoshop error, open the .psd file in Adobe Illustrator and export the PSD file with all the layers to see if it works out.

If you can’t fix the .psd file in the ways mentioned above, then there are chances that your .psd file is severely damaged or corrupted. Hence we recommend you use a professional PSD repair tool like Yodot.

Method 4: Fix Photoshop File With End of the File Error Using Yodot PSD Repair Tool

This professional tool is built with an advanced repair algorithm that can repair large-sized .psd and PDD files by supporting different versions of the Adobe Photoshop tool. Download the Yodot PSD Repair software and follow the instructions given below to fix your damaged or corrupted .psd file:


Step 1: Once the Download is finished, Install and launch the tool to recover your .psd file.

Step 2: Click on Browse and select the .psd file to repair.

browse the file and click on repair to fix unexpected end of file error in photoshop

Step 3: Click on Repair to start the Repairing process.

Step 4: After the Repairing process gets over, select the file to preview using the Preview option.

Click on preview to preview the repair psd file

Step 5: Click on Save to save the .psd file on the desired drive.

Tips to Avoid Photoshop End of File Error

  1. Ensure you are not shutting down or restarting the system without saving the .psd file.
  2. Keep the latest version of the Adobe Photoshop application to avoid issues.
  3. Keep the PC virus free and maintain some space on the disk drive to prevent the unexpected end-of-file Photoshop error.


This article has wholesome content for the unexpected end-of-file Photoshop error. Covered here are the common Photoshop issue and the solution to fix the problem. So use this article and get rid of Photoshop’s unexpected end-of-file error. Also, if there are other possible solutions to fix this error, help us to know in the comment section.


  1. How do I get my Photoshop back to normal?

           Step 1: Bring back your Adobe Photoshop to standard launch the Preferences Dialog Box.

           Step 2: Click on Reset Preferences On Quit

           Step 3: A small Pop up window will open, asking you to reset the preferences when quitting. Click OK and later close and relaunch the app to bring it back to normal.

2. Why is my Adobe Photoshop not opening?

The Adobe Photoshop application may be running in the background. Due to this, Photoshop is not opening; you can fix this by force closing the app and reopening it.