How to Repair Invalid Zip Files using Command Prompt?

Although Zip files are known for their reliability and effective compression technique, they are not free of issues. You will often face errors such as ‘Invalid Zip file’, ‘CRC errors’ etc. and in this article, our focus is on ‘Invalid Zip file’.

To resolve these errors, one effective way is to download or get another copy of the Zip file. This will help you solve the issue in many cases.

However, in cases when you can’t get another copy of the file or if the new copy doesn’t help you fix errors, you will need to repair the file using other methods. Now let us learn what the other methods are and how you can resolve ‘Invalid Zip file error’.

Solution 1: Using Command Prompt

If you’re using WinZip software to handle your Zip files, you should know that there is a Command Line Add-on provided and is available for download online. Once you have the add-ons downloaded, follow the steps below to repair your Zip file.

  1. Click on Windows + R keys to open the Run window
  2. In the Run window, type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter
  3. Type ‘cd <folder name>’ to go to the folder where the corrupt Zip file is located
  4. Then type ‘C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip’ –yf <name of the zip

This command does not work on the actual Zip file itself but only extracts data from your file, so your original data is safe.

Please note that this method is used to repair the structure of the file only. If your file has corrupt data in it or if your file has a CRC error, this method does not work. In that case, you will have to make use of Zip repair tools such as Yodot Zip repair software.

Solution 2: Use Yodot Zip repair software

Yodot Zip Repair Software can be used to repair corrupt, damaged or broken Zip files. It can fix all kinds of issues such as corruption due to the virus, CRC errors, download errors, extraction errors and errors such as Invalid Zip file etc.

Advantages of Yodot Software

  • Supports repair of Zip and ZipX files
  • Works with password protected Zip files
  • Works with Zip files larger than 4 GB in size
  • Zip files created using WinZip, 7-Zip, or other compression algorithms are supported
  • Ability to repair Zip files on any storage device such as internal or external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash devices etc.
  • Works with all recent versions of Windows including Windows 10

Zip file repair using Yodot Software

It is very simple to repair your Zip file using Yodot Software. Just download the software on your system and install it. Then start the software and select the corrupt Zip file. The software will repair your file in only a few minutes.

Yodot Software offers a trial version using which you can repair your Zip file for free and even preview the repaired file. Download a trial today!